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Núcleo Granja Viana-SP é tema de newsletter da Joseph Campbell Foundation

É com satisfação que informo que as atividades do Núcleo Granja Viana-SP foram noticiadas na edição de 27 de junho da newsletter da Joseph Campbell Foundation. Para ver as demais notícias da edição, clique aqui.

Mythological RoundTable® Program - The “São Paulo Spirit” Print | Email

Almost every day, somewhere on this planet a group of myth enthusiasts meets to discuss and celebrate the powers of myth under the umbrella of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Anytime two or more of our more than 50 Mythological RoundTable® Groups ("MRT") in proximate locales discover ways to interact, share, and grow together, we are particularly delighted. Currently we are witnessing an interesting exchange between our MRT groups in Brazil, especially in the larger São Paulo area.

Robert Longo, leader of the Mythological RoundTable® Group of Campinas, Brazil, recently visited the nearby MRT of Granja Viana to deliver a presentation about two chapters from Joseph Campbell’s The Flight of the Wild Gander, that can be viewed on Youtube in Portuguese language.

Monica Martinez (photo), leader of the MRT of Granja Viana reports: “The goal of our roundtable this year is to strengthen bonds with other roundtables of São Paulo. I keep working in this direction. Our next meeting will be August 13 and I hope to have Ana Figueiredo [who runs another MRT group in this city of twenty million people] with us this time or in the last year's meeting, November 12.”

To advertise their events, Monica takes some simple, cost free steps, such as posting on the JCF Events Calendar, blogging, having Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as an effective mailing. After their events, the group usually uploads a short video on their YouTube channel, as happened in the case of Rafael’s presentation. “It takes a lot of time, but I think is worth the effort”, as Monica comments.

Surely, more exciting collaborations will arise from the “São Paulo spirit”, especially since there is another brand new group in Pinheiros, São Paulo. The leader, Telma Regina Ventura, recently completed her PhD in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Congratulations, Telma, and a warm welcome to the JCF myth community in São Paulo, Brazil, and around the globe!

JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Granja Viana

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JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Campinas, Brazil


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